Press Reaction

Press Reaction


Aldeburgh Festival

The quite extraordinarily accomplished choir from Wandsworth School came here this afternoon to sing sacred music by Purcell and secular music by Britten. They so obviously enjoy everything they do, and their enjoyment is infectious.

The Times 1969

The Proms

Children’s Crusade was composed for Wandsworth School Boys Choir who gave the premier last May. They were again the performers and under their superb musical director Russell Burgess made impact with incisive singing.

The Guardian 1969

New sounds crop up in the concert hall and no new sound has been more welcome than that of the Wandsworth boys who have been in and out of the Festival Hall for years now. Steady, piercingly clear in the upper register, powerful open-toned, with a cutting edge down below – the natural character of boys voices.

The Guardian 20th December 1971

The best school choir Britain has ever heard.

The Guardian 1974

Good traditions in a school are not established in five minutes. Wandsworth School Choir rightly has a national reputation. It has been built up in a large Comprehensive School because one man, Russell Burgess has stayed for 20 years, winning boys enthusiasm for singing and then developing it. (David Sheppard, Bishop of Liverpool).

Daily Telegraph Magazine 14th November 1975

Greetings to my favourite choir at my favourite school.

Telegram from Benjamin Britten