Wandsworth School Choir has taken part in the following recordings-those marked * are either made entirely by us, or to which we make a most significant contribution.

Carmina Burana (Orff) – New Philharmoia Orchestra/Frubeck. H.M.V. SAN 162
Billy Bud (Britten) – London Symphony Orchestra/Britten. Decca SET 379/81
English Choral Music – RB. Pye TPLS 13020
Hary Janos (Kodaly) – London Symphony Orchestra/Kertesz. Decca SET 399/400
Elijah (Mendelssohn) New Philharmoia Orchestra/Burgos. E.M.I. SAN 212/4
*Golden Vanity (Britten) – R.B./B. Britten. Decca SET 445 Children’s Crusade
Te Deum (Berlioz) – London Symphony Orchestra/Davis. Philips SAL 3724
Requiem (Berlioz) – London Symphony Orchestra/Davis. Philips 6700019
Trojans (Berlioz) – Royal Opera House/Davis. Philips 6709002
3rd Symphony (Mahler) – London Symphony Orchestra/Solti. Decca SET 385/6
3rd Symphony (Mahler) – London Symphony Orchestra/Horenstein. Unicorn RHS 302/3
Psalmus Hungaricus (Kodaly) – London Symphony Orchestra/Kertesz. Decca SXL 6497
Owen Wingrave (Britten) – English Chamber Orchestra/Britten. Decca SET 501/2
Seven Tuesdays of Thomas (Kellam) – John Steer (and R.B.). M.S.R. MID 1360 A/B
Hamlet – John Addison, America only. R.C.A. (UDM 119)
*St John Passion (Bach) – English Chamber Orchestra/Britten. Decca SET 531/3
Judas Maccabeus (Handel) – English Chamber Orchestra/Somary. Vanguard VCS 10105/7
I Pagliacci (Leoncavallo)- London Symphony Orchestra/Santi. R.C.A. SER 5635/6
La Gioconda (Sherrill Milnes) – London Symphony Orchestra/Varviso. Decca
Macbeth (Verdi) – London Philharmonic Orchestra/Gardelli. Decca SET 510/2
*The Joly Shepard (Kellam), A Ceremony of Carols (Britten), Christmas Day (Holst) – Wandsworth School Choir (R.B.). Granada GRT 1005 Solo Harp: Susan Drake
Tosca (Puccini) – New Philharmoia Orchestra/Mehta. R.C.A. – awaiting release
Turandot (Puccini) – London Philharmonic Orchestra (Mehta). Decca-awaiting release
*Faust (Schumann) – English Chamber Orchestra/Britten. Decca-awaiting release (With Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau)
A Second Volume of Percy Grainger – English Chamber Orchestra Decca, supervised B.B. – awaiting release
La Bohème (Puccini) – London Philharmonic Orchestra/Solti. R.C.A. ARL2 – 0371
Mefistofele (Boito) – London Symphony Orchestra/Rudel. E.M.I. SLS – 973
La Damnation de Faust (Berlioz) – London Symphony Orchestra/Davis. Phonogram 6703 042
*Murdur in the Cathedral (T.S. Eliot) – R. Shakespeare Co. Argo ZSW 553/4
*Pavarotti Sings Sacred Music – Decca SXL 6781
*Judas Maccabeus (Handel) Complete – English Chamber Orchestra/Mackerras. Polydor Int. Awaiting Release


The choir has sung on the soundtrack of several films, including Hamlet (Richard Chamberlain), Henry VIII (Keith Michel), Sunstruck (Harry Secombe), The Devils (Ken Russell) and Young Winston (Richard Attenborough).


The Golden Vanity (Britten) – October, 1968. London Weekend Television
Berlioz Requiem – June, 1969. London Weekend Television
Omnibus, “The Wandsworth Sound” – A full-length documentary on BBC Television about the development and significance of Wandsworth School Choir – repeated, by public request, in the following year.
Carols on Christmas Eve (repeated 1970) – December, 1969. BBC
Owen Wingrave (the opera written for the BBC by Britten) – November, 1970.
Aquarius Carols – December, 1970. London Weekend Television
“Gala Performance” –  December, 1971. BBC
Christmas Day – December, 1972. Thames TV
Boxing Day – December, 1972. Thames TV
Fanfare for Europe – R.O. House – January, 1973. BBC


At least 100 concerts have been relayed live or pre-recorded for the BBC on national programmes. Many more have been used by the World and Transcription Service of the BBC to every imaginable country.